Apr. 29th, 2012 02:22 pm
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Pulling together a history of HRT in preparation for switching doctors. Posting it here should it be useful to anyone else.

Note: with the exception of the October 21, 2011, lab, all labs were one week before the appointment where the dose change listed in the next column was made. October 21 was the appointment following the October 12 labs and my endo didn't trust the result of that lab (she has since declared that both the October 12 and October 21 E labs had to be defective in light of the Feburary 2012 result.)

DateLab result(s)Dose changeTotal dose
October 2009unknown*+0.05 mg/day Vivelle-Dot0.05mg/day Vivelle-Dot
(Initial HRT dose)
Jan/Feb 2010unknown*+0.025 mg/day Vivelle-Dot0.075mg/day Vivelle-Dot
July 2010unknown*+0.025 mg/day Vivelle-Dot
+200mg/day Spironolactone
0.10mg/day Vivelle-Dot
200mg/day Spironolactone
October 2010unknown*+0.025 mg/day Vivelle-Dot0.125mg/day Vivelle-Dot
200mg/day Spironolactone
March 2011E 65pg/mL
T 12ng/dL
+0.075 mg/day Vivelle-Dot0.20mg/day Vivelle-Dot
200mg/day Spironolactone
July 2011E 109pg/mL+2mg/day oral Estradiol0.20mg/day Vivelle-Dot
2mg/day oral Estradiol
200mg/day Spironolactone
October 12 2011E 76pg/mL
T 37ng/dL
n/a0.20mg/day Vivelle-Dot
2mg/day oral Estradiol
200mg/day Spironolactone
October 21 2011E 186pg/mLn/a0.20mg/day Vivelle-Dot
2mg/day oral Estradiol
200mg/day Spironolactone
February 2012E 357pg/mL
T 37ng/dL
-0.20 mg/day Vivelle-Dot2mg/day oral Estradiol
200mg/day Spironolactone
March 2012E 49pg/mL+1mg oral Estradiol3mg/day oral Estradiol
200mg/day Spironolactone
April 2012E 55pg/mL+1mg oral Estradiol4mg/day oral Estradiol
200mg/day Spironolactone

* T and E were tested, but the doctor did not share those results with me. My information about my actual levels begins with my final appointment with my first endocrinologist.

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