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Saturday: book club (it was originally part of a local NoKidding! chapter; it no longer carries that name as the chapter folded sometime in the past several years) plus coffee then a late lunch with a few friends. Two are looking to relocate to Durham and wanted to visit first to get a feel for the town.

Sunday: Biker breakfast meetup in Pittsboro then a ride with some of my Durham Cycle Sisters friends. That evening I had dinner with my parents.

For the past few weeks I've been sleeping with the windows open. I'm in a third floor apartment and it's even further to the ground level (there are three basement parking levels, one of which is fully above ground and another partially at that point as the building is on the side of a hill) so the effective distance to my windows is around 4-5 stories. I've really gotten used to the sounds of living downtown in a city of half a million which didn't take as long as I had expected.
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