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I've had this wheel since the spring. It's clearly old, likely early 1800s, and there are suggestions that it's from somewhere in Europe - Germany, France and Belgium have all been suggested now.

Until this month I never saw another like it. then I found this archive of blog posts with one that was very similar.

And today I found two Craigslist posts, thing 1 (check the 3rd and 4th photos) and thing 2.

The last clearly has an issue with the front maiden. I'm not sure but I'm inclined to think that it's a replacement, possibly made with the original having been lost and modeled on other wheels as it clearly does not it well - it lacks the mortised galley to engage the rectangular tenon-like end of the mother of all, and the bearing extending from the side of the maiden rather than the orifice end passing through the maiden like on the rest means it will never be aligned right. That's all a pity, though, because, if I'm right then it was an otherwise masterful job of matching the woodwork.

The thing 1 wheel shows an interesting feature. If you look at the upper flyer arm in photo #4 there's a straight wire running along the corner on the bobbin side of the hooks. Mine has it on both sides, and I can only guess that its purpose was to protect the wood from wear.
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